Vantage Images is based in Perth, the heart of Scotland. We offer stunning HD and ultra HD 4K drone video footage as well as high definition still photographs suitable for use in many sectors. Our pilot is CAA (civil aviation authority) approved and certified to NQE level, ensuring the highest safety standards.
Your project will include a pre deployment survey and risk assessment as well as on site survey. We use the latest UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and have full video downlink allowing the client to see what the UAV is seeing.
Vantage Images is fully insured with £2m public liability to fly at altitudes of up to 400ft (120m) with our Operational Authorisation granted by the CAA. We adhere to strict safety and operational rules. Vantage Images find that clients are greatly impressed by the angles and views when the UAV can move in any direction from the ground up to 400ft, providing images that, up until recently, were only available using helicopters with the associated big budget.
Sectors Served
Estate Agency – Vantage Images can take your estate agency photographs to a new level providing unique views and videos of properties, property developments and estates, providing you with a competitive edge. We also provide high quality internal photography and videography. 
Golf Courses – We can produce hole by hole flythroughs of each hole on your course in stunning HD video. Light up your club website and provide visiting golfers with a unique preview of each hole on your course or simply opt for an overview video of the club as a whole with some aerial video of a few selected holes as well as ground video and photography.
Marketing & PR Aerial Photography and Video – Promote your business or business premises in a unique way with stunning aerial photographs and videos by Vantage Images. Ground level photographs on a website do little to promote your hotel/b&b/caravan park/holiday cottage. Contact Vantage Images and take your marketing to the next level.
Survey & Inspection – Using a UAV for survey and inspection eliminates the need for expensive scaffolding, cherry pickers or aerial charters. Our cameras can be viewed in real time from the ground. Vantage images can also produce orthomosaic maps and 3D models . Orthomosaic maps consist of a group of many overlapping images which are processed to produce a highly detailed up to date map in true scale.
Construction and Engineering site progress photography - Vantage Images are highly experienced in providing site progress photography and videography. We hold a CSCS card allowing us immediate access to your construction site after site induction. 
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